Helpful links for Re-Entry

Answers to many questions on re-entry and ex-offender questions. Federal Interagency Re-Entry Council "Mythbusters"

 SSI/SSA BENEFITS If you have a felony warrant and your SSI/SSA benefits have been cut off you can find more information regarding reinstatement by going to the Social Security website. You can also find information at the Michigan Reentry Law website. For further information on re-entry after incarceration the Social Security Administration has Publication 05-10504.

The following is a list of some local employment agencies that work with those who have a criminal history.
COMMAND CENTER - DAY LABOR, 1181 Rock Blvd, Sparks, NV 775-359-6677 Website
LABOR MAX, 5301 Longley Ln #6, Reno, NV 775-786-8822 Website
LABOR READY, 4385 Niel Rd, Suite #118, Reno, NV 775-827-2010 Website
APPLIED STAFFING, 890 E Patriot Blvd, Reno, NV 775-853-5433 Website

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