Sample Schedule for an Intern


WEEK 1 -- Monday - First Group Meeting/Introduction and Tour the Office; Tuesday - Observe District Court; Wednesday - Go to Paroles at NNCC; Thurs/Friday - Office

WEEK 2 -- Monday - Second Group Meeting/Misdemeanor Training; Tuesday - Observe Hearings @ Justice Court; Wednesday - Go to Family Drug Court; Thurs/Friday - Office

WEEK 3 -- Monday - Third Group Meeting/Juvenile Case Training; Tuesday - Observe Arraignments; Wednesday - Go to Juvenile Interviews; Thursday - Go to Juvenile Court; Friday - Office

WEEK 4 -- Monday - Fourth Group Meeting/Felony Case Training; Tuesday - Observe MSC/Prelims in Justice Court; Wednesday - Go to NNAMHS; Thursday - Go to District Court; Friday - Office

This is a sample calendar only. Each intern will have a slightly different schedule depending on areas of interest and schooling/experience level. Interns are assigned a mentor attorney but will work with an assortment of attorneys, cases, and procedures.