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Sewer, Reclaimed Water, and Stormwater Management Services

About Our Wastewater Treatment System

Washoe County protects water quality and prevents water pollution by providing wastewater treatment to Washoe County residents. With more than 300 miles of sewer mains covering 22 square miles, Washoe County's Utility serves approximately 16,000 customers including some urban areas in Reno and Sparks.

A growing number of communities around the nation grapple with the environmental challenges of scarce natural resources. Thanks to decades of research, many have recognized the value hiding in urban waste streams, and are developing safe and effective products which have been captured from the wastewater treatment process. Washoe County's Utility treats an average of 5 million gallons of wastewater per day at three regional wastewater plants. The Utility manages the recovery of reclaimed water and biosolids from these waste streams.

Sewer Collection System

The sanitary sewer collection system is a critical part of the wastewater treatment process. Collection systems represent major capital investments for communities. Sewer pipes and pumping stations deteriorate through normal use and age. The Utility is responsible for maintenance, inspection, and rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer collection system to prevent backups and overflows of wastewater.

Wastewater Treatment

Washoe County protects water quality and public health in Northern Nevada by providing high quality and effective treatment of wastewater generated by local residents. The Utility's wastewater treatment systems include the South Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility and two smaller treatment facilities in the Cold Springs and Lemmon Valley hydrographic basins. The facilities utilize advanced biological nutrient removal processes to remove contaminants during the water purification process.

Reclaimed Water

Since 2000, Washoe County provides an average of 800  million gallons of Class A reclaimed water every year. The South Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility in South Reno supplies reclaimed water to irrigate landscaping, sports fields, and golf courses. These non-potable uses of reclaimed water help us reduce the amount of potable water used by the community, thereby reducing our reliance on the Truckee River and local groundwater resources.


Washoe County's wastewater treatment facilities produce biosolids during the water purification process. These nutrient-rich biosolids are a valuable resource capable of generating energy through the production of biogas (50-60% methane gas). Washoe County hauls biosolids to a local landfill where the biogas production and subsequent energy generation occurs.

More About Us

Washoe County Community Services Department, formerly known as Washoe County Water Resources, was created in the early 1980s to ensure continued water and wastewater service to residents of communities where small, privately owned and operated water and wastewater systems failed due to inadequate financial or management capacity or as a result of failing to meet drinking water regulatory compliance requirements. The CSD Water Utility provided water service until December 31, 2014, when it merged with Truckee Meadows Water Authority. CSD continues to provide sewer and reclaimed water utility services to many of the unincorporated areas outside of the City of Reno and City of Sparks but inside the Truckee Meadows Service Area. The Truckee Meadows Service Area is established by the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency and is the area within which urban services such as piped water and wastewater are intended to be provided.