Washoe County Technical Map Check Status

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Unrecorded maps will be removed after two years; recorded maps will be removed after six months

Juris Map Title Map Type Submitted By Date Received Location Status Date Recorded Map#
WC Eagle Canyon IV-Unit 5 TM  Wood Rodgers  08/30/2016  Sec 26, T21N-R20E  Recorded  07/17/2018  T5275 
WC Jergensen Family Trust Reversion Landmark 09/26/2016 Sec. 14, T19N-R19E Additional Clarification 10/17/2016    
WC NNV1 Partners, LLC, FBO W.B.H. 2011 Revocable Trust, and FBO C.W.H. 2011 DLM Lumos 10/17/2016 Sec. 1, T17N-R19E Additional Clarification 10/19/2016    
WC Althausen-Macleod Family Trust and Gene L. and Antoinette R. Clothier RS/BLA Sierra 10/19/2016 Sec. 12, T18N-R19E Pending    
WC Montreux Development Group 5th PM TEC 11/18/2016   Pending    
WC Montreux Development Group 6th PM TEC 11/15/2016   Pending    
WC Brunsonbuilt Construction RS/BLA Summit 11/22/2016 Sec 28, T19N-R19E Additional Clarification 12/01/2016    
WC Lake & Mountain Views, LLC PM TEC 12/12/2016 Sec. 24, T17N-R19E Additional Clarification 02/01/2017 02/07/2018 P5328 
WC C4 Holdings, LLC PM Christy-King 01/24/2017 Sec 30, T18N-R20E Additional Clarification 02/03/2017    
WC Colina Rosa Subdivision TM Summit 01/24/2017 Sec 30, T18N-R20E Mapcheck Complete 01/03/2018 01/25/2018 T5249 
WC Mile Circle, LLC PM  Meyer  01/27/2017  Sec 7, T18N-R20E  Mapcheck complete 07/27/2018    
WC Carlos Bucio PM Ulving 03/07/2017 Sec 30, T20N-R20E Pending    
WC Gregory D. Gahner RS/BLA  Bell  04/05/2017  Sec 17, T19N-R19E  Additional Clarification 04/18/2017    
WC Smith Trust Dated September 12, 2011 PM  Summit  04/18/2017  Sec 26, T16N-R19E  Additional Clarification 04/21/2017    
WC Moe/Mercier Family Truste Dated June 16, 1997 DLM  Tri State  04/19/2017  Sec 20, 21, 22, 28, T22N-R22E  Recorded  09/27/2018  L249
WC Bailey Creek Estates TM  Wood Rodgers  05/09/2017  Sec 27, 34, T18N-R20E  Additional Clarification 06/02/2017    
WC Max McCombs et., al. RS/BLA  Bilgy  05/09/2017  Sec 2, T19N-R19E  Additional Clarification 05/23/2017     
WC Robert G. Berry RS/BLA  Summit  05/24/2017  Sec 12, T18N-R19E  Mapcheck Complete 10/23/2017     
WC Edward L. & Kathleen M. Nay and Duncan S. McMartin & James W. Massey RS/BLA  Robison  06/20/2017  Sec 14, T20N-R19E  Subject to further review 07/12/2017    
WC Gerlach GID, Stephen Miskowitz & Linda Walters-Miskowitz RS/BLA  Alpine  06/20/2017  Sec 15, T32N-R23E  Mapcheck Complete 01/03/2018 01/10/2018  S5906 
WC Dwight Carlson PM  Alpine  06/20/2017  Sec 30, T20N-R20E Additional Clarification 08/07/2017    
WC Yachbes Family 2011 Revocable Trust RS/BLA  Conn Davis  07/07/2017  Sec 14, 23, T16N-R18E  Additional Clarification 07/28/2017     
WC Eric and Susan Bang & John Perry RS/BLA  Sierra Surveying  07/18/2017  Sec23, T21N-R19E  Additional Clarification 07/28/2017    
WC Pardula Living Trust PM Wood Rodgers  07/18/2017  Sec 34, T18N-R19E  Additional Clarification 12/27/2017    
WC FCCB Investments, LLC PM  C & M  07/18/2017  Sec 34, T18N-R20E  Additional Clarification 08/01/2017    
WC Schopper-Richmond Family Trust & Keith and Nancy Maramonte RS/BLA  CFA  08/14/2017  Sec 9, T17N-R19E  Mapcheck Complete 02/14/2018 02/14/2018  S5916 
WC Donovan Ranch Phase 6 TM  Tri State  08/15/2017  Secs 23, 24, T21N-R20E  Mapcheck Complete 03/02/2018 03/06/2018  T5257 
WC Falcon Ridge TM  TEC  08/22/2017 

Sec 30, T20N-R20E 

Additional Clarification 09/15/2017     

Ladera Ranch Phase 2

(revised July 2018)

TM  Summit  08/22/2017  Sec 13, T20N-R19E  Additional Clarification 07/09/2018     

The Andrew E. Furer & Earlene W. Douglas Comm. Prop. Trust dated Sept. 2, 2008     (WTMAP17-0012)

PM  Summit  08/22/2017  Sec 13, T18N-R19E  Mapcheck complete 08/31/2018    
WC Rosehaven Properties, LLC Reversion PM  Christy  08/29/2017  Sec 22, T16N-R19E  Withdrawn     
WC Eagle Canyon Ranch Unit 4 TM Wood Rodgers 09/06/2017 Sec 27, 34, T21N-R20E Mapcheck Complete 07/12/2018
WC Ladera Crossing, LLC Reversion TM  US Geomatics  09/25/2017  Secs 30, 31, T18N-R20E  Mapcheck Complete 12/18/2017  12/20/2017 T5247 
WC Ladera Crossing, LLC RS/BLA  US Geomatics  09/25/2017  Secs 30, 31, T18N-R20E   Mapcheck Complete 12/19/2017 12/27/2017  S5899 
WC Rilite, LLC PM  Lumos  09/25/2017  Sec 23, T18N-R20E Additional Clarification 10/02/2017     
WC S.F. and W.W. Eccles, LLC PM  Summit  09/25/2017  Sec 17, T20N-R20E  Mapcheck Complete 12/19/2017  12/28/2017 P5324 
WC LW Land Company, LLC 1st PM  TEC  09/25/2017  Sec 16, T22N-R21E  Additional Clarification 10/05/2017    
WC Gerlach General Improvement District PM Alpine  09/25/2017  Sec 15, T32N-R23E  Mapcheck Complete 01/16/2018 03/08/2018  P5337 
WC LW Land Company, LLC 2nd PM  TEC  09/25/2017   Sec 16, T22N-R21E  Additional Clarification 10/05/2017    
WC LW Land Company, LLC 3rd PM  TEC  09/25/2017   Sec 16, T22N-R21E  Additional Clarification 10/05/2017     
WC LW Land Company, LLC 4th PM TEC  09/25/2017  Sec 16, T22N-R21E  Additional Clarification 10/05/2017    
WC LW Land Company, LLC 5th PM  TEC  09/25/2017  Sec 16, T22N-R21E  Additional Clarification 10/05/2017     
WC Rosehaven Properties, LLC RS/BLA  Christy 09/28/2017  Sec 22, T16N-R19E  Mapcheck Complete 12/08/2017  12/08/2017  S5895 
WC Ladera Ranch Phase3 TM  Summit  09/28/2017  sec 13, 24, T20N-R19E  Additional Clarification 10/17/2017     
WC Spanish Springs Associates Limited Partnership Reversion PM  C&M  09/28/2017  Sec 23, T21N-R20E  Mapcheck Complete 11/27/2017 12/12/2017  P5320 
WC Woodland Village Phase 21 TM  Summit  10/30/2017  Sec 9, T21N-R18E Mapcheck Complete 06/26/2018  06/27/2018  T5273 
WC Matthew Lepire PM  (TEC) now Alpine  10/30/2017  Sec 34, T18N-R20E  Additional Clarification 04/27/18 06/13/2018  P5356 
WC Smith Family Trust PM  Manhard  10/30/2017  Sec 11, T18N-R19E  Additional Clarification 11/07/2017     
WC Joseph B Braninburg PM  Alpine  11/08/2017  Sec 34, T18N-R20E  Mapcheck complete 03/19/2018 03/30/2018  P5343 
WC Ryder Shadow LLC, A Nevada Limited Liability Company RS/BLA  Tri State  11/15/2017 Sec 24, T21N-R20E  Mapcheck Complete 01/16/2018  01/17/2018  S5907 
WC Eagle Canyon Ranch, Unit 5 TM  Wood Rodgers  12/20/2017  Secs 22, 23, 26, 27 T21N-R20E  Additional Clarification 01/16/2018      
WC Autumn Wood TM  Summit  12/20/2017  Sec 17, T18N-R20E  See Resubmittal on 9/28/18    
WC Mystic Mountain Unit 1/ Pebble Creek Estates TM  Wood Rodgers 12/20/2017 Secs 11, 14, T21N-R20E


WC Susan A. McCartney & Joseph D. Cootware RS/BLA  Alpine  12/20/2017  Sec7, T17N-R20E 

complete 04/04/2018

04/04/2018  S5940 
WC Rob Fritter PM  Alpine  12/20/2017  Sec 26, T18N-R19E  Additional Clarification 12/27/2017  06/15/2018  P5357 
WC Jan Leclaire-Charbonneau, Mark L. Whittaker & Bonnie Whittaker and Eric John Lutz RS/BLA Tri State 12/28/2017 Sec 34, T17N-R19E Additional Clarification 01/25/2018 05/11/2018  S5958 
WC Spareno, LLC (WTPM18-0001) PM  Odyssey  01/22/2018  Sec 34, T198N-R20E 


WC Mystic Mountain Phase 2 TM Wood Rodgers 01/25/2018 Sec11, 14 T21N-R20E

Additional Clarification 02/20/2018

WC Pyramid Cove, LLC (WBLA18-0001)  RS/BLA Summit 01/26/2018 Sec21, T20N-R20E Mapcheck Complete 03/21/2018  03/21/2018


WC Tom Nichols 2008 Trust (WTPM18-003) PM  Robison Engineering 02/16/2018 Sec. 11, T18N-R19E

Additional Clarification 02/28/2018

WC Star West Homes (WTPM18-0002) PM  Robison Engineering 02/16/2018  Sec. 18, T20N-R20E

Additional Clarification 02/28/2018

WC Danny and Haley Hart (WREVA18-0001)  RTA  Meridian Surveying 02/20/2018  Sec. 14, T18E-R19 E Mapcheck Complete 07/24/2018 07/25/2018  T5276 
WC Fred Wahl and Cindy Gibbs Wahl (WTMAP18-0285)  RTA  C & M Engineering 02/21/2018  Sec. 23, T21N-R20E Additional Clarification 03/14/2018    
WC Robert G Berry and The Lamb Family Trust (WBLA18-0003)  RS/BLA  Summit Engineering 02/22/2018  Sec. 12, T18N-R19E  Additional Clarification 03/22/2018 05/09/2018  S5956 
WC Linda L. and Paul E Smith (WBLA18-0002)  RS/BLA  Turner and Associates, Inc 02/23/2018  SEC. 14, T16N-R18E Additional Clarification 03/26/2018 06/11/18  S5966 
WC Lost Z Ranch, LLC (WDLP18-0001 / WTMAP18-0291)  Merg/re-sub LM  Battle Born Ventures, LLC 02/26/2018  Sec. 8, T22n-R21E  Additional Clarification 03/01/2018    
WC 701 Hogan Ct. (WTPM18-0005)  PM  Arnett and Assoc. 03/15/2018  Sec. 10, T16N-R18E Mapcheck complete 08/21/2018    
WC William Vrastil (WBLA18-0004)  BLA  Meyer Surveying 03/16/2018  Sec. 34, T18N-R20E

Mapcheck Complete 06/26/2018

06/27/2018  S5970 
WC TMWA & St James Village HOA (WBLA18-0005)  BLA  Farr West 03/20/2018  Sec. 14&15, T17N-R19E Additional Clarification 05/22/2018 06/21/2018 S5969 
WC Ladera Ranch, LLC (WBLA18-0006, wtmap18-0305)  BLA  Summit Engineering 03/20-2018  Sec. 24&13, T20N-R19E

 Additional Clarification 04/16/2018

05/01/2018  S5951 
WC Turquoise Solar LLC (WBLA18-0007)  BLA  Manhard Consulting Ltd. 04/09/2018  Sec. 28, T20N-R22E

 Mapcheck Complete 07/26/2018

WC Jeff L. and Shannon Skaggs (WTPM18-0006)  PM  Robison Engineering 04/17/2018  Sec. 08, T16N-R20E  Additional Clarification 04/30/2018    
WC Offerdahl Revocable Living Trust(WREV18-0002, WTMAP18-0320) Rev TM  Summit 04/20/2018  Sec. 16, T16N-R18E  map check complete 08/18/2018    
WC James and Melissa Mathis (WBLA18-0008, WTMAP18-0318)  BLA  Landmark 04/20/2018  Sec. 3, T17N-R20E  Additional Clarification 05/18/2018 06/15/2018  S5968 
WC Kristian and Regina Sievert (WREVA18-0003, WTMAP18-0330)  Reversion Tract Map  Landmark 05/08/2018  Sec. 30, T18N-R20E  Additional Clarification 05/22/2018    
WC Granite Place  Condo TM  CFA 05/15/2018  Sec. 16, T16N-R18E Recorded  10/5/2018  T5287
WC Mountain View Estates Unit 3 Phase 1  TM  MST Surveying 05/25/2018  Sec. 26, T20N-R19E  Pending    
WC Blackstone Estates Unit 1  TM  Axion Engineering 04/23/2018 Sec. 23, T21N-R20E complete 05/17/19    

BLA for Scott R. and Katherine L. Rockwell (WBLA18-0009 and WTMAP18-0342)

 BLA  Turner and Assoc. 05/30/2018 Sec 14, T.16N-R18E Mapcheck complete 05/22/19    
WC Pyramid Ranch Annex, Village 1 (WTMAP18-0346) TM  Wood Rodgers  06/12/2018  Sec 26, 27, T21N-R20E mapcheck complete 05/06/19    
WC Board of Regents University & community College System Nevada (WTMAP18-0348) PM  Lumos  06/12/2018 Sec 29, T18N-R20E  Pending     
WC Travis Lee Covey and Rene Suzanne Covey, trustees of the Travis Lee Covey and Rene Suzanne Covey Revocable Trust (WBLA18-0010, WTMAP18-0351) RS/BLA  Meridian  6/13/18  Sec 7, T18N-R20E  Additional Clarification 08/30/2018    
WC George D. Linton & Gregory Henegar & Charlene Letchford (WTMAP18-0354)(WBLA18-0011) RS/BLA  CFA  06/15/2018  Sec 19, 30, T19N-R18E 

Additional Clarification 08/02/2018

WC Robert Tangren (WTMAP18-0355) RS/BLA  Sierra Surveying  06/19/2018   Sec13, T21-R18E Mapcheck complete 10/17/2018    
WC Hildegard Willmann Trust RS/Deed of Comb. Bell Land Surveying  07/18/18  Sec 19, T16N-R18E Additional Clarification 08/14/2018    
WC Lake and Mountain Views, LLC (WTPM18-0008)  2nd PM  TEC  08/08/18  Sec 24, T17N-R19E mapcheck complete 12/17/19    

Stephen Larkins (WTPM18-0009)

 PM Sierra Surveying 08/16/2018  Sec. 17, T20N-R20E  Additional clarification 08/18/2018    
WC Matthew Lepire(WTPM18-0010)  PM  Alpine Land Surveyors  08/16/2018  Sec. 34, T18N-R20E  Additional Clarification 08/27/2018    
WC James Richardson (WDLP18-0002  DLM  Lumos  08/27/2018  Sec. 05,T21N-R22E, Sec.32,T22N-R22E Additional Clarification 09/10/2018    
WC Tolles Development CO  PM  Lumos  08/30/2018  Sec. 08,T19N-R20E Additional Clarification 12/10/2018    
WC Ramon J. Gabino (WTPM18-011)  PM  Sierra Surveying  09/17/2018  Sec.18 T20N-R20E  Additional Clarification 10/01/2018    
WC Spanish Springs LP (WTPM18-012)  PM  C& M Engineering  09/17/2018  Sec.23 T21N-R20E Additional Clarification 09/28/2018    
WC Autumn Wood PH 1  TM  Summit  09/26/2018  Sec17, T18N-R20E Complete 02/12/19    
WC Autumn Wood PH 2  TM  Summit  09/26/2018  Sec17, T18N-R20E mapcheck complete 07/25/19    
WC Woodland Village PH 22  TM  Summit  09/26/2018  Sec09, T21N-R20E Pending / Revision 3/14/2019    
WC TMWA PM WAIVER  PM waiver Bilgy and Assoc.   10/03/2018 Sec35, T18N-R20E   Additional Clarification 11/07/2018    
WC Eagle Canyon Ranch Unit 6  TM  Wood Rodgers  11/15/2018 Sec 26&27, T21N-R20E mapcheck complete 10/07/19    
WC TMWA & HAB Living Trust BLA  Farr West  11/26/2018 Sec 8, T19N-R18E mapcheck complete 02/20/19    
WC Joseph & Dana Bridgman & Bret & Nicole Watson  BLA  Bell Land Surveying  12/07/2018  Sec 03, T17N, R20E mapcheck complete 05/09/19    
WC Bennington Ct. Unit 2 & St. James's Village Unit 2D  TM  C&M  12/11/2018  Sec 14 & 15, T17N, R19E  Additional Calrification 02/08/19    
WC amerco Real Estate Company  Reversion  Robison Engineering  12/12/2018  Sec 23, T21N, R20E mapcheck complete 07/23/19    
WC RA of Reversion Parcel 1 of Parcel Map No. 5206 & Parcel C of Parcel Map No. 4519  Reversion  Meridian Surveying & Mapping, Inc  12/14/2018  Sec 15, T19N, R21E Additional Clarification 02/11/19    
WC Wood Bro Capital, LLC  BLA  Robison Engineering  12/14/2018  Sec 20, T20N, R20E Additional Clarification 02/09/19    
WC MGF Properties, LLC  Reversion  Tri State Surveying  12/20/2018  Sec 22, T21N, R20E mapcheck complete 06/21/19    
WC Harris Ranch Village 1  TM  Wood Rodgers  12/24/2018  Sec 13, T21N, R20E on hold 03/04    
WC Placer, LLC  BLA  Summit Engineering  12/24/2018  Sec 15, T21N, R18E Mapcheck complete 03/08/19    
WC Valle Vista Community  TM  CFA  12/26/2018  Sec 20, T20N, R20E  Additional Clarification 02/25/19    
WC Sun Mesa Phase 3  TM MST Surveying  1/10/2019  Sec 20, T20N, R20E   Pending    
WC Victor Lopez-Sanchez PM Sierra Surveying, Inc 1/16/2019 Sec 13, T20N, R19E withdrawn per planning 01/28/2019    
WC McCormick Living Trust Viney & Vandana Soni & Vimal & Kiran Soni BLA  CFA, Inc  1/31/2019  Sec 27, T16N, R19E  mapcheck complete 06/26/19    
WC Khan Family Trust et al PM  US Geomatics  1/31/2019  Sec 22, T21N, R20E  mapcheck complete 06/04/19    
WC Pyramid Ranch Annex Village 2 TM  Wood Rodgers  2/14/2019  Sec 26&27, T21N, R20E  Additional Clarification 05/23/19    
WC John & Brenda Daly, & The Pelton Family Trust RTA WDH Land Surveying 3/07/2019 Sec 27, T18N, R20E Additional Clarification    
WC SGRE Roberts, LLC PM Manhard Consulting 3/07/2019 Sec 12, T19N, R19E mapcheck complete 12/05/19    
WC Michael, Daniel, & Alan Sullivan PM Meyer Surveying 3/07/2019 Sec 18, T18N, R20E Pending    
WC PWL, LLC RTA  C & M Engineering  3/15/2019  Sec 23, T21N, R20E  Mapcheck complete 06/19/19    
WC Mintage Investments Inc BLA Sierra Surveying 3/28/2019 Sec 15&22, T19N, R18E additional comments 04/22/19    
WC Mintage Investments Inc PM1 Sierra Surveying 3/28/2019 Sec 15, T19N, R18E Additional Clarification 05/07/19    
WC Mintage Investments Inc PM2 Sierra Surveying 3/28/2019 Sec 15&22, T19N, R18E Additional Clarification 05/07/19    
WC Larry E McFall Trust and Thomas S Baker & Marsha W Baker BLA CFA, Inc 3/29/2019 Sec 12&13, T22N, R21E mapcheck complete 06/20/19    
WC Eagle Canyon Ranch Unit 7 TM Wood Rodgers 3/29/2019 Sec 27, T21N, R20E Additional comments 06/06/19    
WC Eagle Canyon Ranch Unit 8 TM Wood Rodgers 3/29/2019 Sec 27, T21N, R20E additional comments 06/06/19    
WC Randall Soule & Kami Soule BLA Meridian Surveying & Mapping 4/04/2019 Sec 24, T18N, R19E Additional clarification 08/14/19    
WC Joe Bucher DLP Arnett & Associates 4/18/2019  Sec 06, T20N, R20E Additional Clarification 04/18/19    
WC Charles R. Busi & Janet M. Busi BLA Summit Engineering 4/18/2019 Sec 25, T21N, R18E mapcheck complete 06/26/19    
WC Hans Burkhart PM Landmark Surveying 4/18/2019 Sec 08, T19N, R18E

Additional Clarification 05/07/19

WC Randall & Kami Soule Deed of Combination & BLA Meridian Surveying & Mapping 5/06/2019 Sec24, T18N, R19E Additional Clarification 08/14/19    
WC 20 Crystal LLC BLA Roger B. Lancaster 5/13/2019 Sec30, T16N, R18E Additional Clarification 08/15/19    
WC First Valley Holdings LLC PM Robison Engineering 5/20/2019 Sec18, T20N, R20E additional clarification 05/20/19    
WC The Andrew E Furer & Earlene W Douglas Community Property Trust Dated September 2, 2008 PM Summit Engineering 5/21/2019 Sec13, T18N, R19E additional clarification 08/08/19    
WC The Andrew E Furer & Earlene W Douglas Community Property Trust Dated September 2, 2008 BLA Summit Engineering 5/22/2019 Sec13, T18N, R19E additional clarification 08/18/19    
WC The Robinson Family Trust BLA Robison Engineering 6/14/2019 Sec34, T18N, R20E additional clarification 08/22/19    
WC Joseph & Frances Wyatt BLA Alpine Land Surveyors 6/18/2019 Sec20, T19N, R19E additional clarification 08/19/19    
WC William A Manke Family Trust BLA Odyssey Engineering 6/18/2019 Sec35, T21N, R20E mapcheck complete 09/20/19    
WC Rigoberto S Uribe Deed of Combination Robison Engineering 6/18/2019 Sec34, T21N, R19E additional clarification 09/04/19    
WC Theresa L Currivan Living Trust BLA Harlan King & Associates 6/20/2019 Sec32 & Sec29, T22N, R21E mapcheck complete 08/26/19    
WC Merchant & Collinsworth BLA Tec Engineering 7/15/2019 Sec17 & Sec20, T19N, R19E mapcheck complete 11/05/19    
WC Pitts Family Trust PM Summit Engineering 7/15/2019 Sec17 & Sec20, T19N, R19E additional clarification 09/05/19    
WC DRF Freedom 2018 Exempt Trust LM Lumos & Assoc. 7/18/2019 Sec35 & Sec36, T22N, R20E additional clarification 09/09/06/19    
WC Moonlight Hills Estates LLC BLA CFA Inc 7/30/2019 Sec11, T20N, R19E mapcheck complete 01/09/20    
WC Ipsen and Dow BLA Mapca Surveys 8/15/2019 Sec27, T18N, R20E Pending    
WC Hicks Family Trust PM Meyer Survey 8/27/2019 Sec01 & Sec12, T18N, R19E  Additional Clarification 09/03/19    
WC Donovan Ranch PH 7 TM Axion 08/27/19 SEC24, T21NR20E Additional Clarification 10/11/19
WC Canterbury Homes LLC BLA & DOC Robison Engineering 9/10/2019 Sec16, T20N, R19E additional clarification 11/12/19    
WC Mitchell T Rivard & Tiffany E Rivard PM Farr West Engineering 9/16/2019 Sec15, T20N, R19E additional clarification 10/01/19    
WC Jeff L & Shannon Skaggs Trustees of the Skaggs Family Trust PM Lumos & Associates 9/19/2019 Sec08, T16N, R20E additional clarification 10/01/19    
WC Duarte 2001 Revocable Trust PM Manhard Consulting 9/19/2019 Sec12, T22N, R18E additional comments 10/01/19    
WC Gonowabie Properties LLC BLA Resource Concepts Inc 10/04/2019 Sec19, T16N, R18E additional comments 11/07/19    
WC The Durkee Trust PM Bell Land Surveying 10/04/2019 Sec09, T17N, R19E addtional clarification 11/07/19    
WC USDA Forest Service & Washoe County Community Dev BLA CFA, Inc 10/16/2019 Sec16, T16N, R18E Additional clarification 01/27/19    
WC The Ridges at Hunter Creek Phase 2 Unit 1 TM Wood Rodgers 10/22/2019 Sec30, T19N, R19E Additional clarification 11/18/19    
WC Perennial Places LLC PM Robison Engineering 10/24/2019 Sec26, T17N, R19E additional clarification 10/29/19    
WC The Wells Living Trust, UTD Nov. 10, 2016 & Woodstock 96 Partners LLC BLA Summit Engineering 11/01/2019 Sec21, T21N, R19E additional clarification 01/14/20    
WC Rosemary Sherlock Melarkey PM CFA, Inc 11/18/2019 Sec26. T18N, R19E additional clarification 11/26/19    
WC Robert E Mays Jr. Family Trust Dated December 3, 1991 & Walen Family 1994 Trust Dated May 22, 1994 BLA Alpine Land Surveyors 11/18/2019 Sec18, T18N, R20E additional clarification 01/21/20    
WC Bannockburn FTC LLC Trustees of KNT Trust & Robert D Lamb of the Irrevocable Trust BLA CFA, Inc 11/25/2019 Sec10, T17N, R19E mapcheck complete 03/02/20    
WC The Randall and Kameron Soule Family Trust BLA Meridian Surveying 11/25/2019 Sec24, T18N, R19E additional clarification 11/23/20    
WC Spanish Springs Storage Partners LLC RTA US Geomatics 1/09/2020 Sec23, T21N, R20E mapcheck complete 03/06/20    
WC Todd R Biggs & Karen C Biggs RTA Summit Engineering 1/22/2020 Sec34, T18N, R19E additional clarification 02/25/20    
WC Eagle Canyon Ranch Unit 9 TM Wood Rodgers  01/28/2020  Sec27,T21N, R20E additional clarification 03/10/20    
WC William T Farmer & Patricia D Boyd BLA MST Surveying 2/13/2020 Sec04, T23N, R18E Pending    
WC Sheldon J Goldfin & Aida L Goldfin DLP Summit Engineering 2/13/2020 Sec18, T21N, R22E Pending    
WC Sugarloaf Ranch Estates Unit 1 TM Axion Engineering 2/13/2020 Sec23 & Sec24, T21N, R20E Pending    
WC Falcon Ridge North FM Mapca Surveys 2/13/2020 Sec30, T20N, R20E Pending    
WC Montreux - Nestle Court TM TEC Engineering 2/14/2020 Sec03 & Sec10, T17N, R19E Pending    
WC Danielle Serpa-Bene & Nevada Rental Fund Investors LP BLA Manhard Consulting 2/14/2020 Sec03, T17N, R20E Pending    
WC MHC 70 (Nevada Portfolia NV) LP PM Summit Engineering 2/19/2020 Sec24, T17N, R19E Pending    
WC Ingenuity Industrial Center LLC PM US Geomatics 3/2/2020 Sec14, T21N, R20E Pending    
WC The Andrew E Furer & Earlene W Douglas Community Property Trust BLA Summit Engineering 4/20/2020 Sec13, T18N, R19E Pending    
WC Steven & Sandra Hardie RTA Arnett & Associates 5/01/2020 Sec17, T16N, R18E Pending    
WC Pardula Living Trust BLA Wood Rodgers 5/01/2020 Sec34, T18N, R19E Pending    
WC American Patriot Homes LLC BLA Wood Rodgers 6/01/2020 Sec09, T20N, R19E Pending    
WC Chimits Family Trust BLA Sierra Survey 6/10/2020 Sec18, T18N, R20E Pending    
WC Frances Delores Valmassoi & Madcats Family Trust BLA CFA Inc 6/30/2020 Sec19, T18N, R20E Pending    
WC Shawn M & Eileen P Sundberg BLA Alpine Land Surveyors 6/30/2020 Sec30, T18N, R20E Pending    
WC NBC Limited PM Alpine Land Surveyors 7/09/2020 Sec36, T19N, R19E Pending    
WC Spanish Springs Associates LP DLP Wood Rodgers 7/24/2020 Sec13, T21N, R20E Pending    
WC Bannockburn LLC PM CFA Inc 8/06/2020 Sec10, T17N, R19E Pending    
WC The Larry Welch Trust & The Susan S Thompson Estate BLA Landmark Surveying 8/21/2020 Sec13, T21N, R18E Pending    
WC Lombardi Lane Partners LLC PM MST Surveying 9/03/2020 Sec11, T18N, R19E Pending    
WC Montreux Unit 5 South C RTA Christy Corporation 9/03/2020 Sec11, T17N, R19E Pending    
WC Walter and Enriquita Bell & The Bell Family Trust M & RS Odyssey Engineering 10/01/2020 Sec11, T18N, R19E Pending    
WC The Ridges At Hunter Creek III LLC & Ridges Development Inc BLA Wood Rodgers 10/01/2020 Sec19 & Sec30, T19N, R19E Pending    
WC Weigl Family Trust PM Advanced Design & Development 10/19/2020 Sec26, T17N, R20E Pending    
WC Raul Nuno PM MST Surveying 10/19/2020 Sec18, T20N R20E Pending    
WC Dennis W & Jodie M Black and Randy W & Krista L Zachary BLA Baseline Surveying 11/04/2020 Sec17, T21N, R21E Pending    
WC Stoler Family Trust RTA Alpine Land Surveyors 11/19/2020 Sec30, T18N, R20E Pending    
WC RT Merchant LLC PM Odyssey Engineering 11/19/2020 Sec24, T17N, R19E Pending    
WC The Bret and Nicole Watson Trust & Harry C Fry BLA Christy Corp 11/25/2020 Sec03, T17N, R20E Pending    
WC Minnameier Kip W., et al & Helen J. Zunino Trust BLA DK Survey 12/21/2020 Sec04 & Sec09, T17N, R20E Pending    
WC Pleasant Valley Estates LLC BLA MST Surveying 12/21/2020 Sec34, T18N, R20E & Sec03, T17N, R20E Pending    
WC Pleasant Valley Estates LLC PM 1 & PM 2 MST Surveying 12/21/2020 Sec34, T18N, R20E & Sec03, T17N, R20E Pending    
WC John Capurro & The Capurro Living Trust BLA Lumos & Associates 1/22/2021 Sec32, T20N R20E Pending    
WC Kings River Drive DTM Wood Rodgers 1/22/2021 Sec11, Sec14, & Sec13, T21N, R20E Pending    
WC Boulder Creek Enterprises PM Lumos & Associates 2/25/2021 Sec34, T18N, R20E Pending    
WC James P Solaro RTA Odyssey Engineering 2/25/2021 Sec04, T17N, R20E Pending    
WC Northern Nevada Holding Corp RTA Odyssey Engineering 3/12/2021 Sec23, T21N, R20E Pending    
WC Harris Ranch Village 3 TM Wood Rodgers 3/18/2021 Sec13, T21N, R20E Pending    
WC Green Tree Associates LLC & Bennafit Investments LLC BLA Wood Rodgers 3/18/2021 Sec12, T18N, R19E Pending    
WC McInerney-Jones Trust & Sin-Baron LLC BLA Summit Engineering 3/18/2021 Sec10, T17N, R19E Pending    
WC RT Merchant LLC PM 2 Odyssey Engineering 3/18/2021 Sec24, T17N, R19E Pending    
WC Kronish Testamentary Trust BLA Meridian Surveying 3/18/2021 Sec18, T19N, R18E Pending    
WC Dyke & Beth Kauffmann PM 4 JUB Engineers 3/18/2021 Sec05, T16N, R20E Pending    
WC Falcon Ridge PM Mapca Surveys 4/09/2021 Sec30, T20N, R20E Pending    
WC Deep Blue Water LLC BLA Summit Engineering 4/23/2021 Sec30, T16N, R18E Pending    
WC The Hecke Family Trust & Libbrecht Joint Trust BLA Meyer Surveying 5/07/2021 Sec27, T18N, R19E Pending    
WC Silverado Silver Canyon LLC BLA Axion Engineering 5/12/2021 Sec23 & Sec24, T21N, R20E Pending    
WC Woodland Village Phase 22 LLC PM 1 thru 4 Summit Engineering 5/21/2021 Sec09, T21N, R18E Pending    
WC Perks/Kaplan BLA Robison Engineering 5/28/2021 Sec18, T17N, R20E Pending    
WC Amy Simpson and US Forest Service Dept of Agriculture BLA Lancaster 5/28/2021 Sec09, T16N, R18E Pending    
WC Duarte 2001 Revocable Trust PM Element Engineering 6/04/2021 Sec12, T22N, R18E Pending    
WC Brian O'Neil BLA Arnett & Associates 6/10/2021 Sec22, T16N, R18E Pending    
WC Donelle & Kevin Monahan BLA Sierra Surveying 6/10/2021 Sec34, T18N, R20E Pending    
WC Spanish Springs Associates  BLA Wood Rodgers 6/10/2021 Sec13, T21N, R20E Pending    
WC Baumann & Jansenn BLA DK Survey 6/10/2021 Sec02, T17N, R19E Pending    
WC Woodland Village Town Center Phase 1 TM Summit Engineering 6/25/2021 Sec16, T21N, R18E Pending    
WC Northern Sun Development PM Alpine Land Surveyors 6/25/2021 Sec16, T19N, R18E Pending    
WC Ascente Sierra Village Phase 1 TM JUB Engineers 7/07/2021 Sec01, T17N, R19E Pending    
WC Braesview Subdivision TM Lumos & Associates 7/07/2021 Sec07 & Sec18, T18N, R20E Pending    
WC Carl E Giudici PM Summit Engineering 7/16/2021 Sec15, T19N, R18E Pending    
WC Harris Family Trust BLA Alpine Land Surveyors 7/16/2021 Sec13, T18N, R19E Pending    
WC EVC Incline Village LLC RTA Webb Land Surveying 7/22/2021 Sec15, T16N, R18E Pending    
WC Mark & Michelle Williams RTA Element Engineering 7/22/2021 Sec15, T23N, R18E Pending    
WC Sandra & Alan Richards BLA Sierra Surveying 7/23/2021 Sec14 & Sec23, T16N, R18E Pending    
WC Scannell Properties #497 LLC PM US Geomatics 7/23/2021 Sec15 & Sec22, T21N, R20E Pending    
WC Theresa L Currivan Living Trust & Bruce M Craik BLA Odyssey Engineering 9/01/2021 Sec32, T22N, R21E Pending    
WC Walther Boon Von Ochssee PM Farr West Engineering 9/01/2021 Sec12, T18N, R19E Pending    
WC Cliff Bros Ranch LLC PM Farr West Engineering 9/01/2021 Sec15 & Sec16, T16N, R19E  Pending    
WC Eagle Canyon Ranch Unit 9C TM Wood Rodgers 9/02/2021 Sec27 T21N, R20E Pending    
WC Harmony Mesa Subdivision TM Wood Rodgers 9/03/2021 Sec13, T20N, R19E & Sec18, T20N, R20E Pending    
WC Eagle Canyon IV Unit 4C TM Wood Rodgers 9/09/2021 Sec26, T21N, R20E Pending    
WC St. James's Village Unit 2C-2 TM C & M Engineering 9/09/2021 Sec14, T17N, R19E Pending    
WC The MB Family Trust & John Range BLA MST Surveying 9/10/2021 Sec16, T20N, R19E Pending    
WC John Trijonis BLA RCI 9/15/2021 Sec27, T16N, R19E Pending    
WC Rachel Roberts & Daniel Roberts PM Manhard Consulting 9/15/2021 Sec18, T19N, R18E Pending    
WC West Meadows Estates Phase II BLA Manhard Consulting 9/15/2021 Sec08 & Sec09, T19N, R18E Pending    
WC Quilici Investments LLC BLA Manhard Consulting 9/15/2021 Sec19, Sec20, & Sec29, T19N, R18E Pending    
WC Jackpot Trust PM Mapca Surveys 10/01/2021 Sec27, T18N, R20E Pending    
WC Jurow, Jaksick, Sergott, & Callahan BLA Alpine Land 10/01/2021 Sec11 & Sec12, T17N, R19E Pending    
WC Tara L Vogel and David J Baumbach & Vita M Baumbach BLA CFA 10/01/2021 Sec18 & Sec19, T21N, R22E Pending    
WC Randall C Bell and Teresa A Bell PM Wood Rodgers 10/01/2021 Sec15 & Sec22, T19N, R18E Pending    
WC Harris Ranch Village 4 TM Wood Rodgers 10/11/2021 Sec13, T21N, R20E Pending    
WC Clasen Quality Chocolate Inc RTA US Geomatics 10/11/2021 Sec14, T21N, R20E Pending    
WC Ernesto Gonzalez PM Sierra Surveying 10/11/2021 Sec17, T20N, R20E Pending