Swan and Silver Lake Water Level Monitoring

Washoe County understands that it is important to continue to monitor water levels within our closed basins as a component of our commitment to residents. Swan Lake, located north of Reno in Lemmon Valley, is the lowest place within the Lemmon Valley "closed basin," meaning precipitation and snowmelt move to the lake during winter and storm events. 

Washoe County LakeCam in Lemmon Valley is a live, real-time look at Swan Lake water levels

Swan Lake Real-Time Tracking

Washoe County Engineering monitors lake elevations and take regular measurements, review weather forecasts and precipitation patterns, perform field inspections of the stormwater infrastructure (drainage channels, cross pipes, roadside ditches, etc.) and are prepared to respond should we see rapidly rising lake levels.  The linked Swan Lake Elevations data is used by the Washoe County team to assess necessary operation changes to protect public safety. 

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What to expect as water levels change? 

Washoe County is prepared for increased water levels within Swan Lake, in the Lemmon Valley basin. Increased elevation of Swan Lake is the trigger for additional operations, public safety and protection measures. Please view our monitoring page for standard operation changes and updates on operation changes. 


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