Download CTMRD Maps & Reports

A variety of maps and reports related to the Central Truckee Meadows Remediation District (CTMRD) program are included here. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view files.

CTMRD Annual Report

The CTMRD Annual Report provides an annual snapshot of the CTMRD program including information on PCE and the local PCE groundwater problem. It highlights key annual accomplishments and provides general program information including a map of the Remediation District. The report is intended to be printed double-sided on 21x30" paper and folded down into a 7x10" brochure. If you would like a printed copy of the Annual Reports listed below, please contact Brian Bass Interim, Program Manager, at or 775.954.4637.

CTMRD Service Area & Contaminant Boundary Maps

These maps illustrate the CTMRD Service Area and Contaminant Boundaries:

  • 2014-2015 Service Area (xx MB) and BCC staff report
  • 2014 Contaminant Boundary (xx MB) and BCC staff report
  • 2011 & 2014 Contaminant Boundaries compared (xx MB)
  • 2011 Contaminant Boundary (xx MB) and BCC staff report
  • 2001 & 2011 Contaminant Boundaries compared (xx MB)

Remediation Management Plan (RMP)

The Remediation Management Plan (RMP) is the CTMRD program's guiding document. Read more about the RMP.

RMP Report Card

The Report Card is an annual status report on the specific goals of the Remediation Management Plan (RMP). The Report Cards present progress made by stakeholder agencies and identifies challenges and/or constraints that are limiting progress toward goals. 

Wellhead Treatment

Groundwater Monitoring Plan Annual Reports

Each Groundwater Monitoring Plan (GMP) Annual Report summarizes that year's methods, results, and findings related to CTMRD groundwater sampling. The reports include the current understanding of groundwater and contaminant movement in the central Truckee Meadows, an inventory of data gaps in that understanding, and a summary of planned and recommended activities to address those gaps.

  • 2010 GMP Annual Report (xx MB)

Groundwater Monitoring Plan Maps

CTMRD's Well Network Map indicates both municipal water supply (production) wells, as well as monitoring wells.

2014 Map of Hydrogeologic Cross Sections and PCE Groundwater Plumes (3.3 MB)

2013 Maps of Potentially-Contributory Activities, PCE-Impacted Sites, and PCE Groundwater Plumes

  • Map A (19.2 MB)
  • Map B (13.5 MB)

Quarterly sampling details are illustrated on the following map series:

Sewer Monitoring Program (SMP)

  • 2014 Sewer Monitoring Program Summary Report
  • Sewer Monitoring Program: 2014 Sample Site Network Map (9.8 MB)

Potential Source Area (PSA) Investigations

Mill/Kietzke PSA

  • Active Soil Gas Sample Collection (Technical Memorandum, 2012)
  • Data Gap Analysis (2013)
  • Active Soil Gas and Groundwater WEll Installation, Phases III, IV and V and Sample Collection (Technical Memorandum, 2014)

Vassar/E. Plumb PSA

  • Active Soil Gas Well Installation and Sample Collection (Technical Memorandum, 2013)
  • Active Soil Gas Well Installation, Phase II and III, and Sample Collection (Technical Memorandum, 2013)

W. Fourth Street PSA

  • Project Summary and Recommendations: 4th Street/Downtown Reno Plume (Technical Memorandum, 2013)

Downtown Sparks PSA


El Rancho PSA


Condor Way PSA

  • Phase I and II Passive Soil Gas Surveys (Technical Memorandum, 2012)

Joule PSA

  • Phase I and II Passive Soil Gas Surveys (Technical Memorandum, 2014)