Expert of the Day

Washoe County Expert of the Day professionals are available to help you with your business and local development questions within unincorporated Washoe County - Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The teams are available by phone or email. Sometimes, a project or question is not simple. Additional in-person support, is also available by appointment. Appointments are scheduled by emailing the Expert of the Day. 


Business License Expert of the Day

Where do I submit an application for a business license? How do I make a payment?

How do I renew my license? How do I submit for a special event? 

(775) 328-3733

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Builder of the Day

Do I need a permit to build? What are the requirements for building height? How do I submit a permit online?

(775) 328-2020

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Planner of the Day

Am I allowed to have chickens on my property? What are the setbacks? Am I allowed to have a garage? mother in law quarters? What are landscaping requirements?

(775) 328-3600

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Technical Expert of the Day

Is my property in a flood zone? How do I manage storm water run off? Do I meet traffic requirements? Can I talk to someone about a traffic issue?

(775) 328-2040

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Project Information Sheet

What’s the status of my project? 

How do I schedule an inspection?

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