Swan Lake Update and Flood Awareness

new-lemmon-small.jpgWashoe County’s Community Services Department along with other regional partners have been diligent to responding to the Swan Lake flood event since 2017, with the goal of keeping roadways open, and mitigating flooding on private properties in Lemmon Valley.     

The water continues to recede, largely due to the dry conditions our region has experienced throughout the last several months.  At the peak, the water level in Swan Lake was approaching 10,000-acre feet of water.  Today, it is closer to 2,500-acre feet.  

Safety is our number one priority and Washoe County staff is committed to supporting the communities' efforts to protect against flooding during weather events.  HESCO barriers, inflatable dams, and a series of strategically located pumps and diversions have been implemented to provide protection.  As a result of the decrease in water, recently some of the HESCO barriers have been removed along Arkansas Drive, on the east side of Swan Lake, which is now open.  We will continue to monitor and evaluate water levels through the winter and will decide later in the spring of 2021 if more HESCO barriers can be safely removed.   

While there is no rain forecasted for the reminder of October, it is always important to remain mindful that flash flooding in Washoe County is a leading natural disaster in our region.  We can all do our part to reduce the damage caused by swift moving waters.    

If your property is prone to flooding, prepare to protect your structure by retrieving sandbags at one of the many sandbag stations in Washoe County.  Timely information on locations and how to make sandbags will be forthcoming in the event of a forecasted event.    

November is Flood Awareness Month.  Consider it a team approach when it comes to helping our community and neighbors reduce the threat of flooding.  Keep curbs, gutters, and storm drains free and clear of debris such as leaves, dirt, and trash.  This includes ensuring roadside ditches are clear of these obstructions.  If large amounts of sediment or debris is present, or if you observe a blockage or have any concerns, please call 3-1-1 (775.328.2003) or email Washoe311@washoecounty.us.