2020: The future is in sight

commissioners-12-21.jpgThe year 2020 not only ushers in a new decade, but also new leadership roles to the Washoe County Board of Commissioners. This dedicated board of five Commissioners serves our districts, and our county, by making policy that propels our mission, values and strategic direction. During the first meeting of each year a new Board Chair and Vice-Chair are elected. Our 2019 Chair Vaughn Hartung, and 2019 Vice-Chair Bob Lucey have served wholeheartedly, with the Board selecting Commissioner Bob Lucey as the new 2020 Chair and Commissioner Marsha Berkbigler as the new 2020 Vice-Chair. We look forward to another productive year ahead!  

Did you know? Each year not only does the Board elect a new Chair and Vice-Chair, but our Commissioners also work with staff to engage in Strategic Planning on behalf of the organization. Our Strategic Plan currently addresses 4 main goals: 

  • Fiscal Sustainability 
  • Economic Impacts 
  • Vulnerable Populations 
  • Employee Engagement 

Early this year our Board will review the current Strategic Plan and make recommendations and changes for the coming year to ensure resources are aligned with priorities. For more information about our Washoe County Strategic Planning process, please click here.