NEW VIDEO! The Washoe ArTrail project unveils new public art piece at Crystal Peak Park

artrail.jpgThe Washoe ArTrail project has recently elevated to new heights with the creation of a new public art piece at Crystal Peak Park in Verdi. The Washoe ArTrail project began with a National Endowment for the Arts grant, with the goal of creating a public participatory experience that highlights the cultural, historic and artistic landmarks along a 200-mile trail throughout Washoe County. As part of the county’s commitment to the arts, the Washoe ArTrail will not only feature existing landmarks, but two new public art pieces as part of the project. The first new public art piece for the Washoe ArTrail project was recently completed on-site with participation from community volunteers at Washoe County’s Crystal Peak Park. Surrounded by Verdi’s natural beauty, see the new art piece come to life for yourself in this brand new video (link to video).  

To learn more about the Washoe ArTrail project, click here.