You Found Someone's Pet

Thank you for helping to reunite a lost pet! WCRAS will pick up found animals or you can bring them to us during business hours. Concerns about taking the pet to the shelter? We understand but, did you know?
  • WCRAS has one of the highest Return to Home rates in the country. They average about 48%.
  • If the Animal Control Officer picks the pet up in the field, they will attempt to get them home before bringing them to the shelter.
  • WCRAS staff have an enrichment program to interact and socialize with animals brought into the shelter. 
  • State of Nevada considers pets as property. Keeping someone's pet, not only causes the owner much heartache, but could potentially get you into legal trouble with the owner.
  • WCRAS works with 30+ rescue organization to find new homes for those not claimed by their owners.
For community members that have time and want to help reunite an animal in addition contacting WCRAS - we have some tips:

Remember, you have likely found someone's pet and nobody knows how long it has been lost.

Check for any identification on the collar.

Take the pet for a walk around the neighborhood.

  • The owners may be doing the same.
Check in with WCRAS for a report of the lost animal.

If none found, put in for a Found Animal Report with a clear photo of the pet with WCRAS and with these popular sites:

Pet Harbor (automatically connects with WCRAS database)

Facebook Lost and Found Pages

Other popular sites

Have the pet scanned for a microchip at one of the following locations:
  • Any vet clinic
  • Nevada Humane Society
  • SPCA of Northern Nevada

Post flyers throughout your neighborhood, local grocery stores, community bulletin boards and community areas.

Continue checking lost reports on all sites.

WCRAS is here to help get pets back with their owners, thank you for helping reunite those lost pets!