ARPA SLFRF Reporting

As a recipient of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF), Washoe County is required to submit various reports to the U.S. Treasury Department. There are two types of reports. Each quarter, the County must submit a detailed report of projects and expenditures made using SLFRF dollars. Additionally, in July, the County must submit it's annual Recovery Plan outlining the jurisdictions intended and actual uses of SLFRF dollars in the community. 

Quarterly Project and Expenditure Reports

Each quarter, SLFRF recipients are required to submit a detailed report of the projects and expenditures funded with American Rescue Plan funds. 

Washoe County ARPA-SLFRF Quarterly Project Report July 2021 – December 2021

Washoe County ARPA-SLFRF Quarterly Project Report January 2022 - March 2022

Washoe County Recovery Plan 

Annual Recovery Plan Performance Reports provide a high-level overview of the jurisdiction’s intended and actual uses of funding including, but not limited to: the jurisdiction’s plan for use of funds to promote a response to the pandemic and economic recovery, key outcome goals, progress to date on those outcomes, and any noteworthy challenges or opportunities identified during the reporting period. These reports are due annually in July. 

In August of 2021, Washoe County submitted it's first Recovery Plan to outline intended uses for ARPA-SLFRF funds. The report gives an overview of the county's demographics, use of funds, and community engagement strategies. When the County submitted the August 2021 plan, there were three projects identified for ARPA-SLFRF funding. Since the plan was submitted, the County has taken considerable steps to develop evaluation techniques and strategic investments of these once in a lifetime funds. 

Washoe County Recovery Plan August 2021